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Sexing the Political: A Journal of Third Wave Feminists on Sexuality

Krista Jacob

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Volume Three
Number Two
May 2004

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letters to the editor

Dear Krista,
Your article on daycare guilt touched my heart deeply. I share all of the feelings your wrote about, both the struggle and the happiness of carving out an independent life outside of motherhood. The early years are especially challenging. Thank you for your intelligent and honest analysis of the dreaded daycare issue.
Jennifer Mitchell, A Third Wave Mama

Dear Krista,
What a FANTASTIC zine you right-on women have put together. I couldn’t be more proud and impressed. It’s wonderful to see the teachings and work of my generation take hold. We couldn’t have envisioned a smarter, more dedicated group of women in our most optimistic dreams. Keep up the good work.
Nicole Freese, A Proud Baby Boomer
Traverse City, MI

Dear Krista,
Every time I get a notice about a new issue of STP, I first look for Kimberly Springer, Alia Levine, and Melisse Gelula. They are my favorite columnists, which is saying a lot for this terrific zine. Thank you and them!
Sarah Bush (not related!)
Iowa City, IA

Dear Krista,
As someone who has been diagnosed with mental illness, I really related to Emari Dimagiba’s column about her struggle with Bipolar Disorder and her desire to have a child. I myself had this same struggle several years ago. Though I’m fairly certain that I will not have children (who knows for sure what the future holds), her article resonated with my own experience and challenges with this issue. Thank you, Emari, for helping to de-stigmatize mental illness.
Monica Cicero
Ithaca (area), NY

Dear Krista
Thank you for the diverse perspectives and experiences you have in your zine. As a Black/Chicana woman, it does my mind good to read the words of other Black feminists. When I hear feminism criticized for being too White, I first agree but then point them in your direction as an example of what is being done to change it. Dorrie, Lauren and Kimberly are outstanding!
Maria Williams
Austin, TX

Dear Krista,
Oh, Boy! Elizabeth’s brave admission about her secret love affair with romance books is one of her best columns. As a closet, partly proud/partly ashamed romance reader myself, I could totally relate. Clearly the books haven’t warped her mind! There is hope for me yet.
Latisha (last name withheld)
Lansing, MI

Dear Krista,
Thank you for you book, Our Choices, Our Lives, and your zine. As a woman who chose abortion, your work supports my choice. You are forging an important path in third wave feminism. I have no doubt that you and all of your writers are paving the way for future generations. Also, Lauren Alleyne is a wonderful, beautiful poet.
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Krista,
Thanks for your book. It’s about time that someone included religion in the pro-choice dialogue. God Bless!
Betty O’Brien
Syracuse, NY

Dear Krista,
I’m a long time reader of Sexing the Political. My new favorite section is the book/website reviews. I don’t have a lot of time to read but when I do, I want to here what others think about them before I even pick them up. Keep up the great work!
Christa Davison

Dear Krista,
As a man, I find your insights very useful in thinking about gender and race in our society. I often forget to consider how these factors influence my opinions and life experiences. You are not off putting, like some feminists are. I feel challenged without being attacked. This is no easy task!
Jeremy Wilkins
St. Louis, MO

Dear Krista,
I’m a father of three daughters. I’m glad to know that work like this is being done to make their lives better. Surprisingly, I also connected with your article on day care guilt. I remember those days well. It’s heartbreaking to separate from your children, for both parents. You did the topic justice!
David Wilson
La Crosse, WI

Dear Krista,
Alia Levine and Dorrie Williams-Wheeler do a great job of including humor in your zine. Whether it’s sex toys or mullets, we must find a way to lighten things up and find the humor in the insanity of current American politics! Thanks for making me laugh.
Nancy Brown
Brainerd, MN

Dear Krista,
I was disappointed to read Kathryn Sokolowski’s review of COYOTE (Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics). If ending the sexual exploitation of women (which is what prostitution is) then count me in. Like so many feminists, she misses the mark. Prostitution is exploitation of the most economically vulnerable women. I see you as a leader in the feminist movement and I expect more from you. If you don’t challenge the sexual exploitation of women, who will?
Kara Jacobson
San Francisco, CA

Dear Krista,
Elizabeth couldn’t possibly be smarter. I’m so glad you added her to the list of STP writers. Also, Hanne Blank once again outdid herself. As a non-procreator, with occasional urges to pro-create, I related very much to her essay, “Oh Baby.”
Amora Vasquez
Austin, TX

Dear Krista,
As a female skateboarder in the UK I was very impressed by Shauna Pomerantz article "Grinding the concrete wave". I'm currently creating a webzine to try and gain a little more coverage for the very small UK girl skate scene.
Sophy Millington

Dear Krista, Wow. Your website is fabulous; rich with content, purpose, diversity -- and the colors are amazing. It's one of the best sites I've seen on the Internet.
Chandra Silva

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